Learn ʿAmmiyya

Jordanian Colloquial Arabic is one of four main Levantine dialects, alongside Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese. The dialect is usually referred to as ʿAmmiyya عامِّية which is derived from the word public عامّ referring to the popular language that people use. Knowing Jordanian Arabic will help you be understood across the country, despite a number of differences in vocabulary and pronunciation between rural and urban areas and various geographic regions. Whether one agrees or disagrees on how close Jordanian Arabic is to MSA, learning the dialect will help you discover the differences between the two and be comfortable interacting in daily situations.
The following are some of the basics of Jordanian Arabic that can help you prepare before you arrive in Jordan:

‘Ammiyya Survival Guide

Other ‘Ammiyya Resources




Ammiyya content: created by Rula AlHindi – Middlebury School in Jordan Assistant Director
Audio demonstrations: by Ahlam Said, Dima Aldwairi and Abd Al-Rhman Al Muheasin