Expressing Emotions التَّعبير عَن المَشاعِر

The following adjectives are used to express emotions. Read and listen to them while trying to think of a meaningful context in which you can use them. Remember to add Taa MarbuuTa ة ، ـة for the feminine form and ين or ات for the plural. Use the listening column to hear both the masculine and feminine form of the adjectives.


English الفصحى
Colloquial Jordanian


كوَيِّس / منيح

Happy سَعيد فَرحان / مَبسوط
Upset مُنزَعِج زَعلان
Sad حَزين حَزنان
Excited مُتَحَمِّس مِتحَمِّس
Tired مُتعَب تَعبان
Awake يَقِظ مصَحصِح
Sleepy نَعسان نَعسان
Comfortable مُرتاح مِرتاح
Annoyed مُتَضايِق مِتدايِق
Bored يَشعُر بالمَلَل زَهقان / مَلّان
Sick مَريض مَريض
Worried قَلِق قَلقان
Confused مُشَوَّش مِحتار
Hungry جائِع جوعان
Full (with food) يَشعُر بالشَبَع  شَبعان
Thirsty عَطِش عَطشان

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