Subject Pronouns ضَمائِر الفاعِل

Subject pronouns in ‘Ammiyya are very similar to MSA except for minor pronunciation differences. First, read the pronouns in the table below and try to find the differences between MSA and Jordanian Colloquial. Then, listen to the recording.
English الفصحى
Colloquial Jordanian
I أَنا أَنا
We نَحنُ إِحنا
You (m.) أَنتَ إِنتَ
You (f.) أَنتِ إِنتِ
You (pl.) أَنتُم إِنتو
He هُوَ هُوِّ
She  هِيَ هِيِّ
They هُم هُمِّ


  • Note: In ‘Ammiyya, feminine plural pronouns are rarely used, and dual pronouns are not used at all. In some rural areas, people sometimes use the feminine plural (إِنتِن ، هِنَّ). In the city, however, the masculine plural (إِنتو ، هُمَّ) is more commonly used to refer to a group of women or a mixed group of women and men.


Examples: Read and listen to the following sentences. Note the usage of personal pronouns and their pronunciations in context:


English العامية
Colloquial Jordanian

I’m Jordanian, and you (m.)?

أَنا أُردُنية، وإِنتَ؟
We’re employees at the University of Jordan. إِحنا مُوَظَّفين في الجامعة الأُردُنيِة.
You (f.) and my sister are the same age. إِنتِ وأُختي نَفس العُمُر.
You (pl.) must eat at this restaurant!  إِنتو لازِم تاكلوا في هاد المَطعَم!
He was in Germany a year ago. هُوِّ كان في أَلمانيا قَبِل سَنة.
She’s busy with studying. هِيِّ مَشْغولة بِالدِّراسة.
They’re from the state of Michigan in the US.  هُمِّ مِن وِلاية ميشيغان في أَمريكا.


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