Pseudo-verbs الأَفعال الزائِفة

Pseudo-verbs carry the meaning of a verb in English. However, in Arabic, they are based on a non-verbal construction and usually consist of a preposition. They are treated as nouns in Arabic in which they are conjugated in the present tense by adding the possessive suffix. Some examples of pseudo-verbs are:

بِدُّه      To want
عِندُه   To have/own
إِلُه     (To have (family relation
مَعُه   (To have (in possession


To have 

To want
الضَمير المُتَّصِل
عِندي I have بِدّي I want ـي   (ii)
عِندنا We have بِدّنا We want ـنا   (naa)
عِندَك You (m.) have بِدَّك You (m.) want ـَك   (ak)
عِندِك You (f.) have بِدِّك You (f.) want ـِك   (ik)
عِندكُم You (pl.) have بِدّكُم You (pl.) want ـكُم  (kum)
عِندُه He has بِدُّه He wants ـُه   (u)
عِندها She has بِدّها She wants ـها  (haa)
عِندهُم They have بِدّهُم They want ـهُم  (hum)


Examples: Read and listen to the following sentences. Note the usage of pseudo-verbs in context:


Present tense المُضارِع:

In present tense, the pseudo-verb is used by itself in the sentence without any other verb modifying the tense.

English العامية
Colloquial Jordanian
Do you (pl.) have a paper and a pen? مَعكُم وَرَقة وقَلَم؟
This is our new company in Amman. سَمَر بِدّها تروح عَالبَترا في نِهاية الأُسْبوع.
We have a cousin living in America. إِِلنا ابِن عَم بِعيش بأَمريكا.


Past tense الماضي

Pseudo-verbs in the past tense are simply formed by preceding it with the verb was (كان).  For example:

English العامية
Colloquial Jordanian
My sister had a small house inʿaqaba. أُختي كان عِندها بيت صَغير في العَقَبة.
My friends (f.) wanted to travel during spring break. صاحباتي كان بِدهُم يسافروا في عُطلِة الرَّبيع.
What did you (m.) want to say? شو كان بدَّك تِحكي؟


Future tense المُستَقبَل:

رَح / حـَ are used to indicate future tense. However, since a present tense verb must always follow  رَح / حـَ , the verb يكون is added, followed by a pseudo-verb, to make it grammatically correct.

English العامية
Colloquial Jordanian
They will have a trip next week. رَح يكون عِندهُم رِحلة الأُسبوع الجاي.
After traveling, you will want to rest. بَعد السَّفَر، رَح يكون بِدِّك تِرتاحي.
I will have the work laptop with me tomorrow. لابتوب الشُّغُل حَيكون مَعي بُكرة.