Useful Verbs أَفعال مُفيدة

The following verbs are different from their equivalents in MSA. They are practical and you will hear them in daily conversations. Some of them will be used in dialogues on this website. Read and listen to them while trying to think of a meaningful context in which you can use them.


English الفصحى
Colloquial Jordanian
To want – It is not treated as a verb in ʿaammiyya and is conjugated with possessive suffix

أَرادَ – يُريد

كان بِدُّه – بِدّه

To love أَحَبَّ – يُحِبّ حَبّ – بيحِبّ
To do فَعَلَ – يَفعَل عِمِل – بيعمَل / سَوّى – بيسَوّي
To work عَمِلَ – يَعمَل اشتغَل – بيشتَغِل
To say قال – يَقول حَكى – بيحكي / قال – بيقول
To talk تَكَلَّمَ – يَتَكَلّّم حَكى – بيحكي
To see; to watch رَأى – يَرى شاف – بيشوف
To watch شاهَدَ – يُشاهِد تفَرَّج – بيتفَرَّج (عَلى/عـ)
To feel شَعَرَ – يَشعُر (بـِ) حَسّ – بيحِس
To go ذَهَبَ – يَذهَب (إلى) راح – بيروح (على/لـ)
To come جاءَ – يَجيء (إلى) إجى – بيجي (على/لـ)
To return عادَ – يَعود رِجِع – بيِرجَع
To go out خَرَجَ – يَخرُج طِلِع – بيطلَع
To start بَدَأَ – يَبدَأ بَلَّش – بيبَلِّش / بدا – بيبدا
To be able to استَطاع – يَستَطيع قِدِر – بيقدَر
To become أصبَحَ – يًصبِح صار – بيصير
Has been (e.g. For how long have you been in Jordan?) صار لـ – بيصير (لـ) + ضَمير

(مِثال: كَم صار لَك في الأُردُن؟)

To let / to make someone do something جَعَلَ – يَجعَل خَلّى – بيخَلّي
To bring أَحضَرَ – يُحضِر جاب – بيجيب
To wait انتَظَرَ – يَنتَظِر استَنّى – بيستَنَى
To put وَضَعَ – يَضَع حَطّ – بيحُطّ
To send أَرسَل – يُرسِل وَدّى – بيوَدّي
To look for بحَثَ – يَبحَث (عَن) دَوَّر – بيدَوِّر (عَلى/عـ)


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